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About US

About Us

I started making throw bags in a quest to make the best throw bag available. Not only materials used but also the way the bags are constructed at an affordable price. If you buy a bag from me that's great, you'll be getting a top quality bag and rope, but if not the most important thing it that you get one and practice with it.

- Tim Jones
Company history
I've been in the sewing machine industry for over 25 years. With experience from garment construction to utility worker harness and life line gear. I'm bringing all of this knowledge to the table in the making of my products.
I started out making bags and other things for myself when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. After several people asking me where I got the throw bags from that I was using, I decided to start selling them. Now after selling them for a short time I have sold bags in several states and foreign countries. Word of mouth is my means of advertising and it seems to be working well. These throw bags are not only used by recreational paddlers but professional rescuers too.
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