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Upcoming ACA Swift Water Rescue Workshops

For imformation on upcoming events email me, Tim Jones @, or call Jim Simmons (318.868.7033), or Jim Jones (479.651.4594).

TBA--a 2-Day Swiftwater/Whitewater Rescue workshop soon; and likely another Advanced workshop as well.   Watch here for a future announcement of when and where.

NOTE: Scroll down this page for course descriptions of both the 2-Day ACA Swiftwater/Whitewater Rescue and the Advanced workshop (one-day).
If you have a group that would like to arrange a specific date for a class feel free to contact us.

Under, Articles and Reviews, it will also be helpful to read the article, Scope of a SWR Workshop to get a feel for the overallo context of a workshop.

*We continue to conduct impromptu swiftwater rescue practice sessions, taking a look a new techniques and practicing 'tried and true' ones. We've recently conducted some field work review with Mike Croslin's new Swimmer's Belt, which has a variety of applications for both rescuers and paddlers. It has a Reach bag attached which can be released downstream if a boater is pinned, or detached from the belt for other uses. Go to Articles and Gear Reviews and read about the full Reach System and how it is used.

We're in the process of reviewing the new MTI Headwaters R Spec rescue vest (26 lbs), which has various improements over the previous Patriot model.  We'll post a writeup of this review soon.  We'll also be reviewing the new Kokotat Maximus and the NRS Zen vests.  

The TWO-DAY SWIFTWATER RESCUE workshop (16-18 Hrs) is the benchmark workshop and intended for whitewater paddlers who can effectively maneuver their boats in class II whitewater and beyond.
Highlights of our courses: a) presentation of proven rescue strategies and techniques that can help paddlers minimize risks in whitewater b) ways of recognizing and avoiding river accidents, but if one occurs how to apply good judgment and handle the risks rescuers encounter c) practice of a variety of rescue vest applications *(because of our continuing rescue PFD field reviews, we have different rescue vest brands on hand for participants to use), and d) team scenario drills and simulations that pull together all the techniques and knowledges emphasized in a weekend workshop.
Participants should be comfortable being in and around moving river current. Although stimulating and fun, a workshop is "not for the faint of heart" and you should come prepared for a weekend of vigorous practice and learning. If you would like to view a full course description and course outline, click onto the link on SWR Workshop Info.

The ADVANCED workshop (8 Hrs plus) continues to point up the need for paddlers and resucers to consistently practice the rescue basics: swimming self-rescue, use of the thro-bag, using the rescue vest, quick-hitting entrapment strategies, and setting anchors and haul systems in rugged settings. A review of the importantant 'basics' from the two-day workshop will be conducted, and then the day will be spent working on skills and scenario drills in more challenging situations.

Our ACA Instructor Staff: Tim Jones, Jim Jones, and Jim Simmons. Mike Gardner, close friend and paddling instructor often assists us with workshops.   Occasionally, we also have former participants help with a workshop. 
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